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Drone / Photogrammetry

While on location in New Mexico and Colorado for The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, I taught myself how to survey locations by using a drone. The vast wilderness we shot in seemed to call for it, and to date, it’s been one of the handiest tools in my kit, not only for Art Directing but also for model building.

In the years since, and as technology advanced, I am able to utilize my drone for Photogrammetry-which produces not only images but full-blown 3D models of terrain. I’ve even been able to create CNG-ready files of mountain ranges by flying my drone over a location.

The images I can capture with my drone can be a helpful tool for illustrators, modelmakers, art directors, location managers, ADs, and production.

Flying a drone for studios pushed me to obtain my Part 107 license, which I completed back in 2019. Certified, registered, and insured when flying, I am able to handle whatever a project throws at me.